The (really) Perfect Workout

the PW  After retiring and moving to Mission Viejo 18 months ago, I noticed I was not as strong as I used to be when working with the horses at our former ranch. Yes, I was still swimming at the YMCA and walking/hiking, but I simply felt weaker. Older.

I’ve been having problems with a knee joint where very little cartilage is left, and this was cutting down on my walking. “Build up your thigh muscles” the physical therapist said. “They will support your weight instead of putting it all on your joint.” But the simple exercises he gave me did little.

“I have nothing left but knee replacement if you want to walk without pain,” the orthopedic surgeon said.

Then I read an ad in the Orange County Register about The Perfect Workout. The testimonials sounded great, but would it help ME become strong again without hurting my knee?

leg press3I asked my chiropractor and he told me that Slow-Motion Strength Training was the best kind for your body. He gave me a thumbs up to go ahead.  I went for a session, discovered how the program works, and signed up for a 12 session course.

Optimally, they said, the best results come from twice a week sessions that take 20 minutes each.  I’m not kidding! The whole premise is to exercise each muscle group (on 6-7 Nautilus machines) until “muscle failure” (when you can’t budge another half inch) and accomplish that in 1.5 – 2 minutes.  As you progress, they add weights.

tricept pullAfter only FIVE SESSIONS, I noticed that I could go up (and more importantly) down stairs without a twinge from my knee! Formerly I needed to grasp and lean half of my weight on the stair railing to keep from experiencing pain and weakness in my knee. Amazing!  Everywhere I went, I charged up and down stairs, just to see if it was a lasting benefit. It was!

The day after Thanksgiving I went on a 4-mile strenuous hike with my son and teen granddaughters, without pain. And now, after completing all twelve sessions, I feel much stronger. I can walk straighter, longer, and with more bounce. I can lift grocery bags easily that the box-boys say “Be careful, Ma’am, this is heavy!”

My percentage of muscle mass is very good now (they tested me), and although I am 68, the strength testing says my body is 54!  Hooray!   


(I can’t say that I’ve lost weight in the last 2 months, however, like many do, but that’s because of my snacking habit. Even with this aspect, the trainers are helping me rethink how (and what) I eat.)  

Thank you, Jennifer and Teegan!!

Will I sign up for another course! YOU BET! I want to keep going, keep my knee strong. Who knows, in another few months, I may have the body of a 42-year old.

For more information on how it all works, visit: .

Granted, this is not a “cheap” program, but the results are guaranteed. And if you are in the Mission Viejo, CA area and are serious about trying The Perfect Workout, I have three cards that you can take in for a FREE  session and also receive several booklets of at-home exercises, and the theory behind slow-motion strength training. Leave a comment with your contact info.

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