A Conversation With: Gayle Bartos-Pool

Interviewing a Versitile and Prolific Author!

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Author, author mentor, artist, Sisters in Crime(SinC) board member, and much, much more! (did I mention one time private detective?)

Gayle Gayle Bartos-Pool

 Today, I’m visiting with Gayle Bartos-Pool.[i]  Gayle was there at the very first writer’s panel I was lucky enough to be included in. It was a SinC event, and consequently an author-friendly and supportive group. Nonetheless, all I could think about were all the questions I wouldn’t be able to answer, all the stupid things I might say, how I’d be late, how I’d forget my books, my character’s names, I know, I know…To put it less dramatically, I had the jitters. BUT there was Gayle, holding my emotional-hand throughout.

As an aside, the older I get, the choosier I get about my friends—real friends, not Facebook nomenclature—and I count Gayle among them. Oh yeah, I also think she’s a darned good writer!

So, I’m…

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