“Wonder-Car: the Tale of Revving Rudy” Reviewed

rudy8x8.29131039_std (1)

Author and illustrator Jennifer Salmassian, has created a fun and informative little read-to-me or early-reader children’s book about a 1932 Model “B” coupe. It’s a feel good story that personifies one of Henry Ford’s basic early automobiles with the winsome personality of an “average Joe.”

Salmassian shows Rudy’s beginning on the assembly line.  She compares him to other types of vehicles of the day and what the people preferred (which was not him).

He waits patiently at the dealership and finally gets an owner, a hard-working “average Joe” just like him. The story tells of their life together and a couple generations to follow. The author shows how automobile designs change over the years, along with people’s tastes.  After a funny incident when Rudy “blows a head gasket,” both man and car retire.

The story of Rudy’s “rebirth” is one that will be familiar to HOT-RODDERS around the country.

Kids and adults will enjoy the simple but accurate watercolor illustrations on almost every page.  Automobile purists may find a few tiny inaccuracies in descriptions, but these are usually to help kids understand.

Wonder-Car: the Tale of Revving Rudy is the perfect book for all HOT-RODDING dads and granddads to share with their young car enthusiasts.

This colorful, 8″x 8″ 24-page, soft cover book is available on Amazon at: http://amzn.to/UpbIpD



Doug Foran’s 1932 Ford 5-window steel coupe, with 350 Chevy engine, pictures Rudy in real life today (well, on the outside!).

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