“City of Angels” reviewed


Two collaborations work well in CITY OF ANGELS this first book in “The Trials of Kit Shannon” historic legal series.

The first is the author pairing. Tracie Peterson is a well know author of Christian Historic and Contemporary novels (often involving sweet and squeaky-clean romance), as well as a few non-fiction books. Her goal in whatever genre she writes is to entertain, educate, and encourage readers “in whatever way God sees fit.” It’s her mission field and passion.

James Scott Bell, is a former trial lawyer and the author of many contemporary legal novels and thrillers, all tough and suspenseful, but without offensive language and innuendo. He’s also published award-winning books about writing and is a valued speaker. I first met him in a workshop at a Christian Writers Conference.

Together these talented authors have written the story of a determined young woman in 1903 Los Angeles. Kit Shannon is educated in the law. She has a strong desire for justice and for doing what she believes God has led her to do: practice law. But she must struggle against a wall of prejudice and scorn from the very legal society she longs to join.

Her aunt with whom she has come to live, also tries to stop Kit from her “insane and unladylike” obsession, introducing her into high society and to a host of eligible gentlemen. But Kit is determined to follow God’s will for her life, no matter what, and marriage to a wealthy man is not on that list at present.

The second successful partnering is between the very characters in the story – Kit Shannon and the famous, never-has-lost-a-case attorney, Earl Rogers. On a whim he takes her on as an associated in what was called the “trial of the young century.” The odds are high; a noose awaits a guilty verdict. But the client has given up and refuses to defend himself. What is he not admitting? Is he covering for someone else? Did he do the dastardly crime, or is he innocent? Rogers says it doesn’t matter, but to Kit it does, and she can’t make up her mind. But when the very trial becomes a battleground between justice and corruption, Kit must step in, or watch a man die. Needless to say in this book, good triumphs, but the battle is riveting and readers will anguish when evil seems to prevail almost to the end.

With insight and compassion, Peterson portrays the tender, godly soul of Kit Shannon, whose allegiance to her Heavenly Father is indestructible. Other characters exhibit strengths and human weaknesses in turn, and all are influenced by the bright star that is Kit Shannon.  Bell’s knowledge of the law, courtroom tactics, and the drama and style of cross-examination and jury-reading is crucial to the story. It will seem to readers that they must be in that very gallery watching, hardly breathing, and ready to jump to their feet in outrage or celebration.

CITY OF ANGELS is feel good book, well researched, gentle and uplifting, but with the tension and emotional investment that makes a great read. I recommend it!  And now… off to the next installment in the series, ANGELS FLIGHT.

Available on Amazon in digital, hardback, paperback editions:  http://bit.ly/1tmv6Ny




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