Biology, Cuba, and an Idea for a Book…

An interesting interview on a fascinating author. Her books are suspenseful, researched and a bit scary. Check her out, then visit her author website.

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Welcome to Janet L. Greger!

Picture With Dog Cropped Janet and Bug


I first met Janet at a PSWA conference in Las Vegas a few years back, and most recently talked with Janet at this year’s conference. In line with so many writers I’ve met at PSWA, Janet is an intelligent and sharing author with a most interesting background (a former biology professor!) I’m so pleased to welcome Janet L. Greger to my blog today. She’s sharing some personal thoughts based upon her travels in Cuba–and explaining how the idea for her novel Malignancy came about. So interesting to hear how ideas and books materialize for another author…



 A Locale with Personality: Cuba

Cuba is changing.

Among the propaganda spouted by my Cuban tour guide in 2013 was the statement: Cuban scientists had patented a drug for cancer. When I got home, I found researchers in Havana had patented…

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2 thoughts on “Biology, Cuba, and an Idea for a Book…

  1. Thanks, Jackie, for re-blogging. Janet’s books do sound interesting–and her background perfect for the topics she’s writing about!


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