Emily Gets New Neighbors and Saves the Day – Chapter 2

Remember last time? Emily Thomas and her family said good-bye to their good neighbors, Mr and Mrs. O’Dell, who sold their house and moved to Arizona to live near their grown up children. Emily watched as movers came and carried the new family’s furniture inside. It looked like there might be another little girl in the family. But days went by without Emily seeing anybody. Was the new family invisible?? Then Emily got an idea….

(To read all of chapter 1, click on: http://bit.ly/1zNgjmL)

First, I decided that the girl’s room had to be the one that I could see from MY window. Their house was just like ours, but flip-flopped over. So, if her window was just outside mine, maybe I could send her a message. I got out some paper and crayons and made a big sign that said:


          Then I taped it in my window so she could read it if she looked out her window.

For two more days, I looked over at her window to see if she put up a sign for me. But, no luck. Maybe we were wrong. Maybe there was no little girl for that white and gold furniture. Or maybe there was a girl, but she didn’t want to be friends with me.

Then yesterday, when I got home from school I decided to look out my window ONE MORE TIME. If there was no sign in her window, I would take mine down. Then if she wanted to be friends, she would have to ask ME. I pulled back my curtains and looked out. There was no sign in her window.

But just as I was about to tear down my sign, I saw the curtains in her room open a little bit. I put my face close to the window and smiled. I waved with one hand. I waved with both hands. And I watched those curtains open a little more.

Then I saw a round face. I saw brown hair with blue barrettes. I saw a blue blouse. And I saw a hand reach up and wave.

And then the curtains closed.

Brownhaired girl5

Wow, that girl is really shy, I thought. I leaned against my window for a few more minutes. My orange and black and white calico kitten, Popsicle, hopped up onto the windowsill and started purring. I petted her for a while and tickled her under her chin. Then she hopped down.

Just when I was about to turn away, I saw the curtains in the other window open again. I saw two hands put a piece of paper against her window. I saw some tape being put at the four corners of the paper. Then I saw the face peek around the edge of the paper and smile. I smiled back, and knew we would be friends.

Do you want to know what her sign said? She said she wanted to be friends too and she wrote her name. It was Megan!

After I read her sign, I picked up Popsicle who had curled up on my bed. I brought her to my window so Megan could see her. Megan clapped her hands and disappeared behind the curtains. In a minute she came back again.

She was holding a pretty white long-haired cat! It had on a blue collar. We took the front paws of our cats and waved them at each other! It made me laugh out loud.

When my mom heard me laughing she peeked into my room to see what was happening. I told her to come and look out the window. When she did, my new friend Megan and her white cat were gone, but my mom read the sign.

“Finally!” she said. “We finally know one of our new neighbor’s names. Maybe I should put a sign in our dining room window, saying, “Hi, we are the Thomas family. Let’s be friends.”

But Mom didn’t do that, and although we took a plate of brownies over to Megan’s house one time, and some flower bulbs Mom dug up and wanted to share, they always must have had earphones on or been napping or doing something very loud because no one ever answered the doorbell. There wasn’t a swing set or a playhouse in the backyard and I never saw Megan out front riding a bike or playing hopscotch.

Sometimes I saw her in her bedroom window. We smiled and waved, and sometimes we even wrote notes and held them for each other to read. Whenever I wrote a note asking her to come over, she shook her head sadly. It made me sad too. I wanted to play dolls with her, or watch a cartoon video, or maybe go down to the park if our Mom’s said it was okay.

And another thing, she didn’t go to the same school as I did. Mom said she might be home-schooled.

One morning, before it was hardly even light, Popsicle did something strange. She came onto my bed and jumped right on my stomach! Then she meowed very loudly in my ear.

I didn’t want to wake up yet, so I turned on my side. Then Popsicle put her cold nose on my eyelids, and tickled my cheeks with her whiskers.

I pulled the covers over my face and tried to go back to sleep. But Popsicle started licking my hair and pulling it with her teeth!!!

I threw back the covers and sat up. “Popsicle, what is the matter with you? It’s only…” (I looked at my pink alarm clock.) “It’s only five o’clock in the morning!”

I yawned. Then I rubbed my eyes and looked around for her so I could pet her. But she had already jumped off my bed and gone to my window. She hopped up onto the windowsill under my pink curtains and meowed again.

And again! Louder!

“Popsicle, what is it?” I was getting curious now, and a little worried. What did she want me to see outside?

I pushed the covers all the way back and got out of bed. I tiptoed to the window and peeked between of the curtains.

There was no light on in Megan’s room. There was no note in her window. There was no white cat sitting on her windowsill.

“Popsicle, there’s nothing out there,” I said and started back to bed.

But Popsicle began scratching at the latch on the window. She stopped and looked over her shoulder at me. Then she started scratching again.

I frowned. Why was she acting so weird? What did she want? I know what I wanted. I wanted to get back into my nice warm bed. I picked her up to carry her away from the window, but she wiggled in my arms and jumped down. Then she went right back to the windowsill and started scratching again.



Something was definitely wrong. I went to the window and looked this way and that.


I looked up and around.


Then I looked down and saw something white and furry. Now I knew what was upsetting Popsicle. It was Megan’s pretty little cat with the blue collar.

“That’s weird,” I whispered and squinted down. He was sort of hanging onto their gate – the one that separated the back yard from the front yard – but he wasn’t trying to climb all the way up, and he wasn’t trying to jump down. He was just hanging there.

“Meow,” said Popsicle softly and looked up at me.

And then I knew what was wrong. “Oh, no! Poor kitty!”

Megan’s little cat had gotten his blue collar caught on the gate latch when he tried to jump over. Now he couldn’t get loose! And he was hardly moving! He was probably choking to death!!

What should I do? I wondered? I wasn’t allowed to go outside in the dark, or even in the almost darkness of morning. Should I wake up Danny? Or my parents? But it was Saturday, and I knew how they all liked to sleep in late on Saturdays.  And I do too!

But this was an emergency!

 (To be continued)

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