A Legacy of Prayer

Legacy: something received from the past; something given to the future.

Legacies can enrich you monetarily or inspire you spiritually. They can bring you dishonor and disgrace, or they can motivate you, and give you vision and purpose.

The motto of Throne of Grace, a homespun company that brings both inspiration and hope from its many thoughtfully handcrafted products, is “Equipping you to live & leave a legacy of prayer.”

IMG_8310 Founder Molly Garibaldi, explained the legacy she received from her great-grandfather, an itinerant, evangelical preacher who while on his long journeys away from home, sent back prayer-filled letters to his family.

Discovering these letters which had been cherished and kept through the years was both a blessing and a calling for her. When she read the beautiful prayers by her grandfather, not only for his immediate family, but for those generations who would be born after, she realized he had been praying for her, and for her children and any that would follow them.

She longed to leave a similar legacy of prayer for her own family, her circle of friends, and for others.

How To Pray  & God’s Word cards

After the birth of her first baby, and very colicky little guy, Molly would sit awake for hours at night, soothing him and praying for him. “It came to me one night, “she remembered,” that no one could pray for him like his father and me. No one would intercede for him throughout his life into adulthood, as much as we would. It is an awesome responsibility and privilege.”

She decided to write her prayers on index cards. Then she would to look up scriptures to write on the cards to tie her prayers to God’s Word. “That way, I would know my prayers were God’s will. I could use the cards to help me stay focused in my prayer time and could simply flip through a few each night.”

But the busyness of young motherhood kept her from fulfilling her dream. Then with the birth of her daughter – another colicky baby (Yes, Lord, I’m listening now!), she remembered her idea and began jotting down prayers and scriptures from memory and from searching in her Bible.

2ChildrenAbout that time a friend was having her first baby and Molly decided to make a set of prayer cards for her titled “How to Pray for Your Children.” Simple calligraphy and a few charming scrap-booking designs decorated the fifteen cards. She laminated these, punched holes in one corner, and added a ring to hold them together.

Molly made a set of these laminated cards for herself and a few others for the moms and grandmas (“How to Pray for Your Grand-kids”) in her friend’s family as Mother’s Day gifts since that holiday was coming up. Those six sets of prayer cards turned into orders for fifteen more!

Her husband, Kevin, watched Molly working with pens and scrap-booking scissors on craft paper and taking them to Staples to be laminated. He decided God was leading her into a ministry, and on their anniversary a few month2shools later, he gave her a professional laminating machine. He also created digital templates so she could design the cards on the computer!  “How to Pray for Your Husband” became another set of prayer cards.

Then, when a friend asked for a set of scripture cards to help her through the birth of her child, Molly created a line of Bible verse memorization cards beginning with, “God’s Word for a New Mom!

Molly considers prayer and the Word of God two very important things in a believer’s life. She wants to encourage the importance of these with her sets of prayer and scripture memorization cards.

GodsWord gradToday she has over 40 titles to choose from, including “How to Pray for Your Foster Child, Your Business, Your Teachers, Your Pastor, Your Wife, Your Ministry, Your Grown Kids, Your Mission Field, Your School, and individual prayer card sets for Your Soldier/Marine/Sailor/Firefighter.

The Bible memorization sets include “God’s Word for a Mom’s Heart, A Child’s Heart, A Foster Child’s heart, An Anxious Heart, A Seeking Heart, and God’s Word for Challenging Times.”

Throne of Grace will also personalize these card sets with names, or start from scratch with a particular need for praying or memorizing scripture. Molly tells of a woman in Scotland, in a small farming area with no churches, who ordered several of the sets. Then she asked for personalized set for her husband, “How to Pray for Your Business.” Together the couple would review the scriptures, and eventually these had a huge impact in his life, as well as hers.

God’s Grace and More Good Things

The original company name was “HowtoPrayCards.com.” Molly had always wanted the name Throne of Grace, but the domain name had already been taken by a Midwestern singing group. One day, scrolling through their site, she noticed that it hadn’t been updated for a while. Kevin encouraged her to see if they would be willing to sell the domain name, but Molly was doubtful. Nevertheless, she acted on his suggestion and contacted the site. The woman agreed to give her the domain name – no charge – because the group had disbanded years earlier. Again this was a sign from God that her growing business was His will and plan for them. Kevin easily transferred the domain name, and set up the new website,  ThroneOfGrace.com.

prayer journalWhen Deb Townsend, a friend from Molly’s church came in part-time to work for the business, she helped Molly start and design a line of journals. Soon the “Legacy Prayer Journal” was added to the company’s line of products. The beautifully covered journals are divided into nine sections of lined pages with tabs that include “Daily Prayers,” “Weekly Prayers,” and “Notes.”

The “Mustard Seed Prayer Journals” (title taken from Matthew 13:31-32) came from a customer’s suggestion. These have six sections; “Thanks for” “Sorry for” “Please” “Family” “Friends” and “Others.”

These were originally designed for kids to use, but many adults love the simpler format. “My Mom was a prayer warrior,” Molly says, “and prayer is a big thing for me too. I use these daily journals to help me remember to pray about important concerns.

2plannerBEEThrone of Grace also offers whimsical “Itsjustemmy “Weekly Day Planners,” named for Molly’s sister, Emmy Blakely (It’s just Emmy), a great supporter and idea person. She originally made and sold the planners from her own business, “Much Ado about You,” but asked Molly to take over when she became involved in an adoption process.  August-July school year planners, as well as traditional calendar year planners are available in several designs. They are priced competitively with the utilitarian store-bought daily planners, but with the signature charm (yes, and love) that has become Throne of Grace’s appeal.

Molly gives all the credit and glory to God for growing her business (she has another part-time worker now). She wants to honor Him by encouraging people to pray consistently through the Prayer Cards and Prayer Journals, using the promises of God’s Word in them and through the Bible Memorization Cards. She encourages personal Bible reading and memorization as well.

Molly Garibaldi has certainly established a LEGACY for many people. She has “equipped” many to live and to leave a legacy of prayer” for future generations.

A few grateful customers’ comments.
2 howcop

~~ “I purchased Bible verse cards for my husband (a police officer) and he loved them! He keeps them in his lunch box that he takes to work with him for encouragement.

~~ These journals are incredibly well made, and it’s clear that a great deal of thought went into the design. My husband and I have been filling them out, day-by-day, together, and praying together with them. It is a great experience of bonding for us and for someone (like me!) who regularly forgets ALL of the people I want to pray for, this is a great tool to help me organize my prayer life.”


~~ “How to Pray for Your Grown Children” – I ordered these prayer cards for my dad for Father’s Day will all of his kids names personalized on each prayer card. He loved it!”

~~ “How to Pray Through infertility” – These are the best prayers for a hurting heart that is longing for a child.”

. “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” ~~~ Hebrews 4:16.

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