The Adventures of Timmy, the Squirrel

by Titus A.


Once upon a time there was a squirrel called Timmy, aged nine.  Timmy was trying to get to a nut tree because there were almost no more nuts in his house.





He had to get past a saber tooth tiger to get to the nut tree. The saber tooth tiger said, “Get out of here! That means now!”

Timmy said, “Good night!”  He closed his eyes and ran away.

The saber tooth tiger said, “I’m out of here,” and away he went to chase Timmy.



Timmy kept on going until he came to a cliff. There was a zip-line and a rope in front of him. He quickly jumped on the zip-line and off he went.

The saber tooth tiger tried to grab the zip-line, but fell off the cliff. Finally, Timmy got off the zip-line. It was a fun ride, but Timmy didn’t know someone else was watching him.


Just then, a forest leopard appeared and pounced on Timmy. He put his claws around Timmy and trapped him. Timmy was frightened. He didn’t know that the leopard had been spying on him.


Suddenly a knife hit the leopard in the chest! A bunny named Kate had rescued Timmy!

After Timmy and Kate were introduced, he found out that Kate was three years old. She was up in a tree and had a cute voice. What a cute little bunny.

After chatting with Kate for a while, Timmy found a motorcycle that had two seats. He and Kate were walking toward it, until they found a mammoth was running after them.  The were running now too.


All of a sudden, they found a secret hiding place. They went through a little hole to escape the mammoth, and looked around for about an hour, until they came upon…. a huge pile of nuts!


Timmy and Kate could now live happily ever after.

The end.

“Hi. I’m Titus and I’m 8 years old. I like to write short books, and I wrote this story. It’s an interesting book. I’m originally from American and now I’m in Malawi.”

Titus’ story is the SECOND in a series of stories I will be posting in the next several weeks. These are the fruit of a whirlwind 2-day Workshop on Writing that I taught to 3rd-7th grade home schooled kids in Malawi. These stories are first drafts (from scratch), written in the few days between the workshops. I think they did a terrific job!

Titus followed the story structure in his story, that I taught in the workshop.  First introduce your character and a problem he faces. Then show him overcoming obstacles in the way of his success. Lastly give an appropriated ending.  He did it!

I know Titus would really appreciate a comment or word of encouragement from you!  Thanks!

14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Timmy, the Squirrel

  1. Titus! This is a great story! Sam and I really loved the part when Kate rescued Timmy. We were really surprised! There is so much action in your story it made us want to keep reading to see what would happen next. Great job Titus!

  2. Thanks for the story Titus! That was much better than a lot of the library books I read to Rachel (age 1.5)! I hope you write more! I laughed at the saber tooth tiger scene, it was funny :).

  3. This was just like watching a movie with car chases and explosions. Things kept happening, but the hero and the heroin finally overcame all obstacles and made it to safety. What a fun story, Titus.

  4. What a wonderful, action-packed story, Titus! You have a delightfully vivid imagination and a natural sense of story structure and suspense. I hope to read more of your work in the future.

  5. What an exciting story, Titus. My heart was beating pretty fast a couple times because I was scared for Timmy, then Timmy and Kate after they met. Very glad there was a happy ending! I sensed from your story you like animals, I do too, which made your story even more enjoyable for me. Hope you keep writing. Good story!

  6. Wow, what a great story, Titus. I’m so happy Timmy and Kate became friends at the end. Maybe you’ll write more stories about Timmy and Kate for everyone to enjoy.

  7. I really like your story Titus, especially all the adventures. I can picture these two friends having lots of fun and more adventures in future stories. You have created some beloved characters, which is a very important part of story telling. Keep up the great work.

  8. Wow, Titus! we love your story! Very suspenseful and kept our interest all the way to the end. I love happy endings in stories. Thanks for making my day!

  9. Hi, Titus…this is Yee-Por Linda from California. We happened to take care of Joshua this afternoon so we read your story together. Wow, good action story. We all love it. Keep up the good work, Titus.

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