The Story of A Dragon Called Jake

Written & Illustrated by Caleb A.


Hello! I’m Jake. This is a story about me.

Of course you may think it is in first person, but it is NOT.

But it is kind of in second person.

It is mostly in third person.

It will be fun and full of action.

Chapter 1

Jake’s Story

Two thousand years in the future

there will be a dragon called Jake.

He will live in The Arctic

on a planet called Dragonvale.

          Jake was in his cave sleeping. All the sudden a voice called and said, “Come out and I’ll make you an unmeltable dragon.”  Jake wondered if he really could do such a thing.

Later in the evening, Jake came out. It was a peaceful night. All the sudden a man appeared in front of him.

Gulp,” thought Jake.

“What do you want?” said the man.

“I want to be an unmeltable dragon,” said Jake. “Who are you?”

“I am Brute of Death,” said Brute of Death. “I come from Death Mountains.”

A chill ran through Jake’s spine. He had heard of Death Mountains. Many of his friends went there and never came back. Many people claimed they were hypnotized by the Wizard of Death Mountains.  The wizard was… Brute of Death, but no one knew that.

All of the sudden Jake’s pupils went white and Brute of Death disappeared. Jake was never the same again…


Chapter 2

The Beginning

After all of what happened,

Jake decided to go to The Savannah.

DraganVale was mostly Savannah,

 so Jake wanted to rule The Savannah.

          On the way crossing the ocean, Jake saw some strange looking lions in the sea. Now these were not real lions, they were over sized mutant lions. Jake tried to fight the lions off, but they dragged him into the water. Jake, lashing, biting, getting scraped, and kicking, exploded out of the water. One of the lions was clinging on Jake. It suddenly melted into him. All of the sudden a box swung and hit Jake and then everything went black.

Jake woke up to see that he was trapped in a thorny, black house.  “Where am I?” said Jake.

“You are in my house,” said a man.

“Who are you,” asked Jake.

“I-AM-THE-UNDERTAKER!” shouted The Undertaker as small bits of lightning came out of his fingertips.

Jake just stared at him.

“Haven’t you heard of me?” asked The Undertaker.

“Uh-uh, n-n-n-no, never,” Jake stuttered.

“WHAT! YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF ME!” The Undertaker yelled. Zapping Jake with a bit of lightning, he went on, “You terrible creature. I thought everyone knew about The Undertaker.”

Later that day, The Undertaker started brewing a potion.

“This, dragon, will make you turn into a squirrel,” said The Undertaker.

“Don’t you dare give me that potion,” said Jake. “If you do, I’ll set this house on fire!”

“Oh, is that so?” said The Undertaker.

“Uh-huh,” said Jake.

“Yeah, like I’m gonna believe you’ll do such a thing,” said The Undertaker.  But in the back of his mind he was afraid. The Undertaker had painted his house with tar.

All of the sudden, Jake shot the house with his laser eye. The house burned like crazy. Jake dodged falling wood, slid under stuff he couldn’t go over and broke out of the house.

“You foiled my plan to rule The Savannah,” cried The Undertaker. “You’ll pay for this!”

“Maybe I’ll pay for it when I rule The Savannah,” called Jake. Then he jumped and flew to Death Mountains. Jake wanted to ask Brute of Death if he really was unmeltable.

Later that night in Death Mountains, Jake looked for Brute of Death. Not knowing that he was following him, Jake peered in caves, flew to tops of mountains, and checked each slope, platform, and rock for hidden caves. Still looking, Jake saw a steep slope and went down. All the sudden Jake fell into a pit and everything went black.

When Jake awoke he saw a rock, half the size of a small boulder. “So, that’s what knocked me unconscious,” thought Jake.  Jake flew out of the pit and almost fell back in, because, there, in front of him, stood Brute of Death!

“Come with me,” said Brute of Death. Jake followed Brute of Death. All the sudden Brute of Death threw a rock, the same size as the rock in the pit, at Jake. Everything went black again.


Chapter 3

Problems With Brute of Death

Jake awoke inside a very small mountain.

Realizing this was Brute of Death’s home,

Jake was fully awake.

Jake rammed at the cage

and broke free.

          “Strange…” thought Jake. “No Brute of Death.”

BAM!  Jake jumped at the sound. Then he realized…. he was a moose!

“Grrr-grumph,” said Jake. He realized he couldn’t growl either!

“Argh,” said Jake. “Brute of Death why did you do this to me?”

“Hahahaha,” laughed Brute of Death. “You’ll never escape me.”

“Oh yeah?” said Jake. With a lot of magic, kicking, butting, etc., Brute of Death accidentally changed Jake into a bull!  Brute of Death had a problem here. He always dressed in red!

Snorting, Jake charged toward Brute of Death. Before Brute of Death could wave his wand, he was flung to the ceiling and died. Then a very surprising thing happened. A ghost emerged from Brute of Death;s body. We’ll call him, Brute Ghost.

“You’ll need a milkshake,” said Brute ghost, as he disappeared.

“Wait!” called Jake. “Why do I need a milkshake?”

“You’ll find out,” said a voice.

Huh,” thought Jake. Jake didn’t remember when he last ate. A milkshake sounded good to him.

All the sudden a milkshake appeared in front of him!  (Okay now, I’ll tell you this. It had a red cherry on it. I repeat… a red cherry.)  Grunting, Jake grabbed the milkshake and gulped it down, glass and all.

Jake suddenly had a funny feeling and realized he was a… black, Monstrous Nightmare.  Roaring, Jake charged at the door and flew to The Savannah.


Chapter 4

Problems With The Undertaker

Jake was on his way to the Savannah

when he saw a ship.

Jake got closer

and saw that the captain was…

 The Undertaker.

          “At last!” said The Undertaker. “You’re back, Dragon.”  The Undertaker suddenly shot lightning at Jake. It formed a dragon that looked exactly like him!

Jake staggered back in the air, surprised. The dragon started shooting lightning at Jake. Jake started dodging the lightning and decided water was the best thing to stop the other dragon. How could he get water to the dragon? The dragon would probably become more powerful, but Jake decided to take his chances.

As the dragon was shooting lightning at him, Jake thought of a plan. Suddenly Jake dove to the water and drank as much as he could. Next he spat the water all over the dragon. Instead of disappearing… it became more powerful.  First it grew larger. Then it began to spit and shoot lightning at Jake. Jake was having a hard time fighting.

While Jake was fighting, he became so frustrated that he spat fire all over the dragon by mistake!  The dragon suddenly shrunk and disappeared. Jake was confused, until he remembered The Undertaker was controlling the dragon with strands of lightning. The fire traveled to The Undertaker and killed him.


Chapter 5

Jake Rules The Savannah

Jake made it to The Savannah

and had a new problem.

Jake had to overthrow

the ruler of The Savannah.

          Jake flew to the palace which was guarded by a mysterious Guardian Dragon. When Jake got to the palace he felt a little nervous. The Guarding Dragon looked straight at Jake. He started to hypnotize Jake, but Jake looked away and swung his tail through the air. Now the Guardian Dragon was hypnotized.

“Lead me to the Throne Room,” commanded Jake, “and call me master.”

“Yes, master,” said the Guardian Dragon.

Once they were in the Throne Room, the king was very angry.  “Vwhat did vyou do ta me Guardian Dragon?” roared the king.

“I hypnotized him,” said Jake calmly. Then Jake turned to the Guardian Dragon and said, “Will you be ever so kind to kill this so-called king?”

“I will, master,” said the Guardian Dragon.

Suddenly the Guardian Dragon shot a magical beam at the king and captured him. He was put in jail never to eat again, so he starved and died.

Jake ruled The Savannah.

— The End —




Hold it right there,

This will hit you like a brick.

What happened to Brute Ghost?

          Jake was happily ruling The Savannah. The Savannah had become a prosperous city. In fact, it was the richest country in Dragonvale.

One day Brute Ghost came to The Savannah. “Well, well, looky at what we have here,” he said. “Looks like I’ll be the king instead.”

“Who says so?” roared Jake.

“Myself,” the ghost shouted. With a wave of his wand, Brute Ghost turned Jake back into an Arctic ice dragon.

“Noooooo,” said Jake as he melted.  Jake quickly sloshed to the ocean and floated to the Arctic.


It doesn’t stop there.

The story will continued

With a short chapter….

Chapter 6

To Make A Long Story Short

          When Jake came back to the Arctic and was solid ice, he saw a rock. When he picked it up, his pupils went white again. The rock also had writing on it. Jake read it. Here’s what it said,

          Wear me and I’ll grant you one wish.

Jake wore it as a necklace and wished he would never melt, not even with magic. Jake flew back to The Savannah. He took over The Savannah again and Brute Ghost fled once he found out he couldn’t melt Jake.

Jake ruled The Savannah again.

          PS: Jake was the heir of the king of The Arctic, and he ruled The Arctic too.

The True End


I’m Caleb and I’m 11 years old. I like to write books and I wrote “A Story of A Dragon Called Jake.” It is an interesting book. I am originally from American and I’m in Malawi. I hopefully get to write more books.

Caleb’s’ story is the FOURTH in a series of stories written by kids. These stories (or “books” as the kids call them) are the results of a 2-day Workshop on Writing that I taught to 3rd-7th grade home-schooled kids in Malawi. The stories were written with confidence and joy and in only A FEW DAYS! These kids did an amazing job!  I am really proud of them.

Caleb’s story takes you on a journey with his unlikely “hero” as he struggles to overcome obstacles, set-backs, and physical hindrances and reach his goal of being a good king. Caleb gives the story added fun with his imaginative illustrations. 

IF YOU CAN, leave a comment or word of encouragement. I know it would really excite him. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “The Story of A Dragon Called Jake

  1. Caleb, this is a really gripping story with lots of action. You have a wonderful imagination and express your ideas very clearly. Nice work!

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