The Star Story

By Zechariah L.

Chapter 1

Year 3000

Alarm klaxons were sounding throughout the Starship USS Opal. On the bridge, Captain John D. Francis stared grimly at the view screen in front of him as the Xortan vessel fired another volley of phaser fire. The Opal jerked violently. Direct hit.

“Shields at twenty percent,” said the tactical officer, “and failing!”

“Recharge phasers,” said the captain.

“Phasers ready for fire!” yelled the second in command.

“Fire at will!” the captain ordered.

The USS Opal sent streams of phaser fire screaming directly at the Xortan vessel.

“Direct hit! Their shields are down!” yelled out the tactical officer.

“Fire torpedoes. Aim for their warp drive!” ordered the captain.

“Firing torpedoes!”

As soon as the torpedoes made contact with the Xortan vessel, it exploded in a ball of fire.

“Sir,” said an officer, “picking up a high frequency subspace transmission that was sent out from the Xortan ship before we destroyed it.”

“Follow it then!”

“Aye, sir! Engaging warp drive.”

As the Opal sped up, stars were just bright streaks on the view screen.


Chapter Two

Year 3000

After 48 hours of following the subspace transmission, the USS Opal had encountered only one other Xortan vessel that was finished off quickly. Then the Opal continued on its mission. A few minutes after the second battle, the captain returned to the bridge after going to get a cup of coffee. The tactical officer was waiting for him.

“Sir,” she said, “sensors are detecting a star with a single Class M planet orbiting it, and two small Xortan vessels patrolling around the area.”

“Then destroy the vessels and scan the planet for life.”

“What kind of life, sir?”

“Xortan life!”

“Aye, sir,” she replied, then, “Sir, the Xortan vessels are within sensor range.”

“On screen!”

“Yes, sir.”

The vessels were two small scout patrollers. The captain was confused.

“What are two Xortan scout patrollers doing out here in the middle of nowhere—Wait!”

“What is it, sir?”

“Destroy the Xortan vessels and start scanning the planet NOW!”


Chapter Three

Why the Captain Hates Xortans

Year 2070

It was the year 2070, and it was a beautiful day at Starbase 481. Ten Year-old John Francis was enjoying it immensely. His parents had the day off, which meant they could spend time with him. They were having such a good time. They played hide-and-go-seek, they wrestled in the grass, and John even got to shoot targets with his dad’s phaser pistol.

Then the alarms started going off and orders to evacuate were issued. John and his family were almost to the evacuation transporters when THEY came. The Xortans attacked everything that moved. John and his parents ran for their lives. John, who was faster than both his parents, made it to the emergency transporter first and turned around just in time to see his parents shot dead by a Xortan.

“Noooo!!!” he screamed.

He started running toward them with his fists balled, ready to punch the Xortan to death. He was stopped by a security officer who said, “It’s too late, son, they’re dead. Now, come on. We have to get out of here.”

John was one of the very few who escaped and, as he sat in the transport ship that was zooming away from Starbase 481, he swore to himself that one day he would avenge the death of his parents and destroy all Xortans.


Chapter Four

Escape from Xortan Base

“Sir,” said the tactical officer, “sensors indicate that this could very well be the Xortan home-world.”

“I want details!”

“It is almost completely water, except for a medium-sized continent inhabited by over one million Xortans.”

“I want all weaponry, especially torpedoes, focused on obliterating that continent and its inhabitants!”

“Aye, sir! Firing now.”

All the weaponry on the Opal fired simultaneously and, when it hit the target, the surface of the planet erupted in fire. Suddenly something hit the Opal with a jerk.

“Sir,” the tactical officer said, “something’s got us in a tractor beam lock and I think I know what it is.” She pointed at the screen. A massive space station was coming around the planet towards them. Accompanying it were two large Xortan vessels and a bunch of Xortan drones.

“Red Alert!” said the captain. “Everyone to battle stations. Arm torpedoes and phasers! Fire at the other vessels first!”

The Opal fired stream after stream of phaser fire and took out most of the drones.

“Sir,” said the tactical officer, “its pulling us into a cargo bay of some sort!”

“Fire all our torpedoes into that cargo bay now!”

The torpedoes fired out of the Opal like a river and, when they hit their target, fire blossomed out of the cargo bay entrance and the space station’s boosters failed. The planet’s gravity pulled it in as the Opal fled to a safe distance. When the space station made contact with the planet, both exploded. Cheers went up around the bridge of the Opal.

“Mission accomplished! Set a course for home,” said the captain with a large smile on his face.



Hi, my name is Zech and I live in Malawi, Africa. I’m thirteen years old and like to write books and play video games.

Zech’s is the SIXTH in the Malawi Writing Workshop for Kids stories. Zech had just turned 13 when the 1st workshop started. He had a “writing and books” themed birthday party with his friends and the other members of a Writing Club that he started. 

Zech’s story reminded me of STAR WARS. He told of a strong desire his protagonist had, and then showed through several “battles” how he triumphed. Great dialogue and narrative. Good job, Zech!


I know Zech would love to hear any comments you have for him. Just write them below. It’s easy! Thanks.

2 thoughts on “The Star Story

  1. Super exciting story. And giving us the backstory was a perfect way to set up why the captain wanted to annihilate those pesky Xortans. You have a knack for writing riveting stories.

  2. Your story, Zech, took me back to the first time I watched the original Star Trek TV shows (Yes, I’m that old!) And the fact you could evoke memories from so long ago gives credit to your ability to tell a good story. And like GBPool said in an earlier comment, giving us the back story gives the reader good reason to cheer for your hero and the USS Opal crew. Keep writing!

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