The Plunge, A Lake Mystery

 by Nancy G. West

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The Plunge, A Lake Mystery (Aggie Mundeen Mystery)

by Nancy G. West

October 10 – 23, 2018

Cozy Mystery
4th in Series – 1st with Wildside Press

110 Pages 

About the Book


In The Plunge, San Antonio/Seguin novelist Nancy G. West delivers a gripping tale of crime, mystery, and disaster. Set against the backdrop of the 500-year flood of 1998 that ravaged Central Texas from the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast, The Plunge’s October release comes on the 20th anniversary of the flood.

The Plunge features eager amateur sleuth and advice columnist, Aggie Mundeen. Single and pushing forty, Aggie accompanies her love interest, San Antonio Detective Sam Vanderhoven to Lake Placid, where they will take care of a friend’s lakeside cottage on the Guadalupe River. Sam will discretely investigate the theft of his friend’s boat.

As they settle in, buckets of rain and gusting winds roil the lake, turning the peaceful, shady Guadalupe into an angry, raging river. As darkness descends, lightning highlights two people arguing on a dock across the river. When lightning flashes again, they are gone. Do Aggie and Sam witness an accident? A drowning? A murder?

The massive rainstorm stalls south of Canyon Dam, the river rises higher and higher, creeping across land and into houses. Aggie and Sam are caught in disaster. They question their stamina, their abilities, their significance, their priorities, and their fate.

The Plunge infects readers with the threat of looming tragedy and the helplessness of plunging into a rampant river, carried by an untamable force. Do survivors really survive if disaster changes them forever?

Readers plunge in and move with the river all the way through to the book’s unlikely, yet satisfying ending.

To honor first responders who saved countless lives, author’s royalties will go to the Texas Game Warden Association and the 100 Club.

About the Author


Nancy G. West is the author of award-winning suspense and the Aggie Mundeen Mystery Series. Each book in the series has either won or been nominated for an award. The Plunge, Lake Mystery #1, takes Aggie in a new direction.
Chat with Aggie and Nancy on their blog:

Author’s Webpage:





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