Wonder-Car, The Tale of Racing Rudy, a review

by Author and illustrator Jennifer Salmassian

Salmassian has created the sequel to her children’s hot-rodding book, “Wonder-Car: the Tale of Revving Rudy.” The famous little 1932 Model “B” Coupe, transformed into a hot rod in the first book, is now transformed again into a flashy racing Deuce Coupe.
Charlie, the original owner bought the plain black Model B straight from the factory in the 1930’s. He was an average Joe, and Rudy was a hardworking delivery car. Then Charlie gave Rudy to his grandson, Sammy, who made the little workhorse into a shiny blue Hot Rod, with an equally “hot” motor. Revving Rudy proudly took Sammy everywhere …. until College interfered.
Everyone knows the high cost of tuition, and Sammy, out of money and time to enjoy his little Hot Rod, put Rudy on the auction block. What happens next is heartwarming as the new owners enjoy and upgrade Rudy to a drag-strip racer.
Oh, and believe it or not, there is a bit of romance for Racing Rudy, the Wonder-Car. You will never guess, but it’s a sweet story, and one that packs a message for girl cars and little girl readers.
Once again the full color illustrations are beautiful, and the world of showing and racing Hot Rods is interestingly written. Perfect to read to little folk, or for a bit older ones to read themselves.

18 pages

Currently a print version of this book is only available on the author’s publishing web site. Cost: $5 for one, or $8 for both books (plus postage. http://www.sallypublishing.com/shop

An ebook version is also available at $5.78 at  https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=IjVyDwAAQBAJ&rdid=book-IjVyDwAAQBAJ&rdot=1&source=gbs_vpt_read&pcampaignid=books_booksearch_viewport


If you like, you can order the first book in the series from the same website: http://www.sallypublishing.com/shop

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