Grand Slam Murders (A Bridge to Death Mystery)

 by R. J. Lee


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Grand Slam Murders
(A Bridge to Death Mystery)
by R.J. Lee

February 4 – 13, 2019

Cozy Mystery

1st in Series

About the Book

Grand Slam Murders (A Bridge to Death Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Publisher: Kensington (January 29, 2019)
Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 149671914X
ISBN-13: 978-1496719140
Digital ASIN: B07CWF82MH

After four bridge players are poisoned, newspaper reporter Wendy Winchester sets out to catch a killer who’s not playing with a full deck . . .

When the four wealthy widows who make up the venerable Rosalie Bridge Club never get up from their card table, this quiet Mississippi town has its first quadruple homicide. Who put cyanide in their sugar bowl? An aspiring member and kibitzer with the exclusive club, Wendy takes a personal interest in finding justice for the ladies.

She also has a professional motivation. A frustrated society columnist for the Rosalie Citizen, she’s ready to deal herself a better hand as an investigative reporter. This could be her big break. Plus, she has a card or two up her sleeve: her sometimes boyfriend is a detective and her dad is the local chief of police.

Partnering up with the men in her life, Wendy starts shuffling through suspects and turning over secrets long held close to the chest by the ladies. But when a wild card tries to take her out of the game, Wendy decides it’s time to up the ante before she’s the next one to go down . . .

About the Author

R. J. Lee follows in the mystery-writing footsteps of his father, R. Keene Lee, who wrote fighter pilot and detective stories for Fiction House, publishers of WINGS Magazine and other ‘pulp fiction’ periodicals in the late ’40’s and ’50’s. Lee was born and grew up in the Mississippi River port of Natchez but also spent thirty years living in the Crescent City of New Orleans. A graduate of the University of the South (Sewanee) where he studied creative writing under Sewanee Review editor, Andrew Lytle, Lee now resides in Oxford, Mississippi.

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Guest Post by R. J. Lee

Wendy Winchester, a young, ambitious reporter with a journalism degree, has been saddled for three years with writing the social column for her Rosalie, Mississippi, Daily Citizen, and longs for a position as an investigative reporter instead of churning out fluffy wedding write-ups in the historic river port.  When the four wealthy widows who comprise the exclusive Rosalie Bridge Club are all poisoned together at a bridge luncheon, Wendy proposes to her crusty editor that she do a series of features on the lives of these women and what they meant to Rosalie.  In fact, Wendy had recently been admitted to the prestigious group as a fledgling member, hoping that she would eventually become an accomplished player.

Secretly, Wendy is hoping to solve the crimes herself and earn a meaningful promotion.  With the help of her police chief father, Bax, and sometimes police detective boyfriend, Ross, she makes the most of the opportunity and figures out who knocked off these social scions when the police department gets stumped.  She has an additional motivation when her friend, a kind-hearted, domestic servant to one of the murdered ladies, Merleece Maxique, looks like she will take the fall for the crimes due to the efforts of the racist District Attorney.  With loads of other viable suspects to consider, Wendy thinks outside-the-box to discover that what looks like a cut-and-dried case is anything but.  Rosalie will never be the same.


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