Murder at Friendly Farm (An Evan Miller Mystery)

By Jacqueline Vick


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The story follows Evan Miller (a reporter, “Body Guy”) who is a shy unsociable man with a young cousin whom he’s now responsible for. This cousin, Robert (who is more like a nephew), along with his friend “Crooked” pressure Evan into putting on a Christmas party. It will be for the residents of the senior colony Evan has found himself living in after the death of his aunt who resided there.

It takes a lot of convincing, but Evan finally agrees to get a tree to decorate for a Christmas party. A REAL Christmas tree.  This is the prequel to disaster as the three head to Friendly’s Farm to cut one down….and also to go into the Corn Maze (if cousin/nephew Robert has his say).

Of course that’s where the “fun” starts, in the corn maze. It’s there that they discover the body – and you might guess whose, right?  (He has a white beard and wears a red suit.)  Anyway. Evan’s investigative reporting skills kick in and we follow him through a series of friendly conversations, questions disguised as geniality, and a few secretive explorations on the property.  His aim? To discover the killer…or the other killer…or, no, THAT killer!

Evan also discovers a former heart throb that may not be so former, a former gangster, who is pretty soft these days, and a detective who is almost friendly but won’t admit that he appreciates Evans help. And most surprising of all, Evan gets to know a group of seniors who now consider him “one of their own” enough so that he blurts out an invitation to his–

“A Christmas Party!” they all yell. And Even?  He’s pretty happy to be one of them, have a home among them, AND a new family besides Robert.

A lighthearted and clean mystery with puzzles and twists enough to keep you guessing.  And if you’ve ever cut down your own Christmas Tree or made you way through a corn maze, you will doubly enjoy this book.

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