Mystery Follows Her, A Collection of Cozy Mysteries, Reviewed

Reviewd by Jackie Houchin

Mystery Follows Her, a multi-author cozy mystery collection, provides a delightful way to discover new authors and book series with a minimum amount of time and investment.  Inside this volume you will find nine short stories ranging from five to ten chapters each. At the end of the story is a short bio about the author, and a link to the first in the series book. Authors also give their website so you can check out the complete series, or other books they have written.

Beate Boeker’s “The Mystery of the Stolen Ring” features alternating short chapter by the two protagonists. One is the wife of Florence, Italy’s Commisario, and the other is a single, high-end fashion designer/seller who exits her third story apartment via rope!  Each “discover” a magnificent diamond ring where they least expect it. What they do is daring and quite satisfying.

Vikki Walton’s “Hijinks in Ajijic” (pronounced Ah-he-hek) follows a first-time pet and house sitter into the world of scams and con-artists.  Vivian encounters the first of many “coincidences” on her flight into Mexico. Once there, she meets new friends who sometimes are not what them seem, silver-tongued gents who attempt to sweep her off her feet, and jealous, rouged women. A very fun, humorous, and whirlwind story!

In Adriana Licio’s “When the Clock Chimes Two” mystery, a dowdy woman’s life is forever changed by a whiff of exotic perfume.

Sarah Biglow introduces us to her Army Chaplain, Margot Quade in “Treasures in Heaven.”  Margo bravely faces her military superiors and risks her life in order to protect a young private with a confession to make.

“Closed Out” is a prequel to Tamara Woods first Beach Bound Cozy Mystery books. Dianne Ascroft’s short story “Thanksgiving and Theft” sets readers up for her Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries.

The other authors from around the world are Ellen Jacobson, Aubrey Elle, and Angela K. Ryan. Mystery Follows Her is a good investment!  (I’ve now got several new mystery series in my Digital to-be-read “stack.”

One thought on “Mystery Follows Her, A Collection of Cozy Mysteries, Reviewed

  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing our book, Jackie. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully you’ll go on to explore some of the series that intrigued you, and read more by those authors.

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