Exposing The Past, by Alice Zogg

Exposing The Past

What do you do when you meet someone who looks just like you? Sherry Rinaldi and her husband were on a vacation on Maui, Hawaii when she happened to see the reflection of another woman in a mirror who had her face. What else did they have in common?

Returning to her home in California, Sherry does a little research, even though her husband tells her it might not be a good idea. Despite the warning, she tracks down her look-a-like and soon discovers there are things buried in both their lives that are deadly.

A murder from forty years ago triggers another death as the truth slowly comes to the surface. This will change everybody’s life.

EXPOSING THE PAST is a fresh-off-the-press stand-alone work, available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book editions from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other vendors.

About Alice Zogg

Zogg is the author of the R. A. Huber Mystery Series. Like Alice, R. A. Huber was born in Switzerland and came to the United States as a young woman, and then made her home there. Longing for excitement after she retires, Huber decides to start a second career and opens her own business as a private investigator. Soon the gutsy private eye’s cases take her on journeys from Pasadena to the Catalina Island, up to Lake Tahoe, the Central Mexico region, all the way to Davos, Switzerland, then back to the Big Bear Lake area, the balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and to a location near Solvang, California.


Zogg also wrote several stand-alone mysteries: A BET TURNED DEADLY is written in the first person from a man’s point of view.
ACCIDENTAL EYEWITNESS, set on a tropical island, is also a stand-alone mystery novel. And so is THE ILL-FATED SCIENTIST with its protagonist located in Huntington Beach, California. NO CURTAIN CALL, is staged around the performers of a high school musical.


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