Hippie Haven Homicide (Psychedelic Spy Mystery)

by Sally Carpenter

Hippie Haven Homicide (Psychedelic Spy Mystery)
by Sally Carpenter

About Hippie Haven Homicide

Hippie Haven Homicide (Psychedelic Spy Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Publisher: Cozy Cat Press (May 21, 2020)
Paperback: 229 pages
ISBN-10: 195257904X
ISBN-13: 978-1952579042
Digital ASIN: B08B61G6F4

Get ready to flip your wig over another groovy 1967 retro-cozy with actress and amateur spy Noelle McNabb. Spy agency SIAMESE (Special Intelligence Apparatus for Midwest Enemy Espionage and Surveillance) turns Noelle’s pet, Ceebee, into an “acoustic kitty” to listen in on an agent known only as Old Scratch. Meanwhile, a counterculture religious sect led by the Wise One infiltrates the staid town of Yuletide, Indiana. When one of the sect members makes a premature departure to the Spirit in the Sky, Noelle investigates, but finds herself in deep water—literally. With her undercover disguiser, Noelle really knows how to sock it to ‘em. However, she still can’t solve the secrets of a certain family member. Don’t miss this fab story of saints, sinners and spies!

About Sally Carpenter

Sally Carpenter is native Hoosier living in Moorpark, Calif.

She has a master’s degree in theater from Indiana State University. While in school, her plays “Star Collector” and “Common Ground” were finalists in the American College Theater Festival One-Act Playwrighting Competition. “Common Ground” also earned a college creative writing award. “Star Collector” was produced in New York City and served as the inspiration for her first mystery series.

Sally also has a Master of Divinity and a black belt in tae kwon do.

She’s worked as an actress, college writing instructor, jail chaplain and tour guide/page for Paramount Pictures.

The books in her Sandy Fairfax Teen Idol series are: The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper (2012 Eureka! Award finalist for best first mystery novel), The Sinister Sitcom CaperThe Cunning Cruise Ship Caper and The Quirky Quiz Show Caper, all with Cozy Cat Press.

Flower Power Fatality is the first book in the Psychedelic Spy series.

She has short stories in three anthologies: Last Exit to Murder, Plan B: Omnibus and Cozy Cat Shorts. She penned chapter three of the CCP group mystery Chasing the Codex.

Author Links:

Webpage: sandyfairfaxauthor.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sally.carpenter.54


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Hippie Haven Homicide by Sally Carpenter — Character guest post #4: Noelle McNabb

My Career as an Actress


The theater is my life.

Hi, I’m Noelle McNabb. You’ve never heard of me, but if I reach my dream, someday you will. I want a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Sound ambitious? Well, many stars have left their small towns and made it big in TV or the movies. So it can happen. A girl can dream, can’t she?

I’ve always had the acting bug. I grew up through the 1950s-early 1960s mostly as a single child. My siblings, the bratty twins, didn’t come around until I was 17. As an “only” I amused myself much of the time. I read a lot and watched TV. My parents’ black-and-white set only had three channels, but I loved those shows. I made up my own stories involving the characters of my favorite shows. My friends and I acted out the skits for the neighbors.

My parents took me to see Disney movies on the single-screen theater in our town of Yuletide, Indiana. When I was in high school, my friends’ siblings—the ones old enough to drive—would haul a car full of us kids to The Star drive-in theater to watched silly sci-fi and horror flicks. That was the extent of “entertainment” in my town.

Fortunately, my school had a great drama department. It provided something to do for the kids who didn’t play sports. In grade school we had pageants. I was tall for my age, so I was always stuck in the back row. That was just as well, because I don’t sing, so nobody could see me mouthing the words.

My big break came in eighth grade when the school put on a real play, a musical version of Cinderella. Because I was the tallest girl in class, I was cast as the wicked stepmother. I had a great time bellowing at the other actors. The next day in math class, the teacher bragged on how I “stole the show.” That was it. Acting was what I wanted to do.

All through high school I was in every play, usually playing the grouchy neighbor. With my height (I stood taller than most of the boys) and my okay-but-not spectacular looks, I never played the love interest. My best role was playing a witch in “The Scarecrow,” and adaptation of an old folk tale.

I majored in theater at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. More roles, in both classic and modern plays. My favorite classes were costume and makeup. I loved building a character out of wardrobe and hiding under a false face. It’s a wonder I kept a sense of my own identity. I graduated with honors and was set to fly west to Hollywood to seek my fame and fortune.

Except for one problem: money.

Living in Los Angeles is terribly expensive, and paid acting jobs would be few and far between at first. I didn’t wish to live in a dump or shack up with five other girls in a tiny apartment. So I needed to work for a while and save up before I moved. But I still wanted to keep acting. I saw too many of my classmates leave school and never set foot on a stage again.

For better or worse, my hometown’s claim to fame is the popular Country Christmas Family Fun Park. I got a job as the Winter Witch in a corny musical review called “The Candy Cane Capers.” Shakespeare, it isn’t, but at least I was using my acting chops.

Then I got the opportunity to use my craft for some real-life drama.

Not long ago, a stranger showed up on my doorstep with a bullet in him. Turned out he was involved in a case with a super secret spy agency called SIAMESE (Special Intelligence Apparatus for Midwest Surveillance and Espionage). The head of SIAMESE, Dash Hanover, recruited me to help finish the stranger’s mission. I used my acting skills to go undercover. It was pretty exciting. I was playing to a real audience. A false move on my part could mean death. I had to stay sharp and alert. I was often scared, but thrilled.

Most recently, I was looking into the death of a young woman who had arrived in Yuletide with a busload of dropouts. The others thought she died of a drug overdose, but I had my doubts. Then SIAMESE wanted me for another mission. First I dressed up as a hippie to infiltrate a “happening.” Then I was disguised as a Russian officer so we could interrogate some suspects. That was a challenging. I had to review my language tapes to workup a passable accent.

In working with SIAMESE, I’ll never be noticed by a critic, but I’m doing something important for my country, and learning a lot about the craft.  I thought I had to go to Hollywood to find excitement, but as long as I’m with SIAMESE I have plenty of drama going on here in my hometown.

You can read about my adventures in “Flower Power Fatality” and “Hippie Haven Homicide”

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