Review: Christmas at Grey Sage

by Phyllis Clark NicholsWhat a delightful, feel-good Christmas story that will leave you smiling!

After listening to Christmas at Grey Sage, I feel like I know and love all the people who worked at this lovely inn and all the guests who visited there one winter. The author, who both wrote and narrated the audio version, did a fantastic job of placing me (the listener) right there in the inn. And I watched as each of characters were transformed and softened…by Christmas.

At first it seemed the guests would stay for only two days in the week before Christmas. Grey Sage was a simple, but welcoming inn tucked into the mountains near Santa Fe, New Mexico,. It was definitely not the posh hotel with magnificent lights, decorations and meals they’d planned for Christmas Eve. Most of the guests were prickly, impatient, and complaining. A few were silent and withdrawn. Even the hosts, Maude and Silas, hadn’t put up a tree or decorations because they were leaving for a Caribbean cruise for their Christmas.

But when the unthinkable happened and they all were literally thrown together, hearts began to warm. And of course the delicious-sounding meals and desserts cooked from scratch, and the endless coffee, homemade hot chocolate and eggnog helped too. Soon each was telling stories of their own Christmases past, both sweet and sad. And before they knew it, goodness and joy began to spread like the warmth from the fireplace.  And then, when an emergency happened, they were all ready to pull together…like a family.




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