REVIEW: Dachshund Through the Snow: An Andy Carpenter Mystery

by David Rosenfelt

        I really liked Dachshund Through the Snow. I’ve read many of David Rosenfelt‘s mystery books before, so I knew this one would be good too. The protagonist is a lawyer (Andy Carpenter) who is trying to retire, but cases keep coming his way, either by his ex-cop wife or his school age son. It’s Christmas time and Lori’s in the habit of picking up kids’ wish lists and fulfilling them. This time a little boy wants a “long” sweater for his dachshund and… his daddy home.

       Turns out the boy’s daddy is in jail for murder! Andy, his wife and his crew get busy. They feel they have a “reasonable doubt” case and hope for the best. But a few facts keep niggling at Andy’s mind. When he follows those thoughts… well let’s just say an ex-police dog is involved!! And also… the newly formed K-Team.  I highly recommend this audio book (Grover Gardner is an excellent narrator – he portrays Andy perfectly!), but a print or eBook would be good too, especially if you like clean, funny, suspenseful, legal mysteries. Or you just love dogs!






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