Review: The Abolition of Man & The Great Divorce

 by C. S. Lewis

One of the stories in this audio book was very good; the other not so much.
Unlike the cover, this recording plays The Great Divorce first. It’s a fantasy about a Bus that takes people who have died (though you don’t know this till later) to the great beyond. Revealed there are the choices and excuses that people (ghosts) have made while they lived – love and lust, pride and sacrifice, willfulness and enslavement – and the surprising outcomes of such living. Fun and fanciful at times and reveling deep truths and conundrums at other times. A thought provoking story.
The Abolition of Man is not fanciful and fun. It is (to me) a boring essay on words and truths and the manner of teaching them, from both modern and ancient philosophers. I’m afraid to say I didn’t finish it.

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