REVIEW: A Tourist’s Guide to Murder (Mystery Bookshop Book 6)

by V. M. Burns

I absolutely loved V. M. Burns’ book, A Tourist Guide to Murder! Even though it is the sixth in her Mystery Bookshop series, it’s the first of her books I’ve read. I will definitely be looking for the first five (and beyond?).

First of all I love to travel, so she had me with the title. Then the two black poodles on the cover piqued my pet-interest. (But sadly they are left at home this time.)  And then, when I dove into the first chapter and met Samantha and her outrageous, hilarious, and lovable senior grandma and friends, I was hooked.  And then…and then… I discovered her protagonist was also a mystery writer. And this was the best surprise I had, for half, well, a third at least, of the book has not one but TWO mysteries going – one with Sam and all traveling to England, and the other in the 1930’s in an upstairs/downstairs manor house with Lords and Ladies . So fun!

Okay, here’s how it went. Sam set up readers even before leaving home that she was writing a historical mystery. Just a peek at the characters – one of them so despicable, you just knew HE would be in the victim.  And then the travelling group is off to London. And before the Mystery Lovers Tour barely gets started, there is a… murder!  The “why” is pretty clear, but the list of people who disliked the man is long. But, the tour must go on (and we get delightful glimpses of Mystery-England as well as the group).

Then a second murder!! But the senior citizens with Sam have talents you would never guess, and hopefully they will use them to discover the murderer(s) before one of the gals bites the dust.  (And remember we are also following the historical story as well, interspersed in just the perfect places with the modern story.)

This book has two very satisfying murder mysteries, both solved by the end.  Like I said, I will be reading MORE of V.M. Burns’ books.  Why don’t you?

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