REVIEW: Rhino Charge, a Kenya Kanga Mystery

by Victoria Tait


This is the third book in Victoria Tait’s atmospheric Kenya Kanga Mysteries (not counting a novella), and it’s the best so far. Rhino Charge doesn’t feature a charging rhinoceros, as you might think, but in fact, is the real name of an exciting, very popular, off-road race which benefits The Mara, a game reserve in Kenya that protects many wild animals, including Rhinos. (See the vehicle in the background of the cover?)

This race is not for speed but for rugged endurance. Winners are those with the lowest mileage spent to reach all the points – sometimes meaning the drivers must take dangerous shortcuts if they hope to win. The vehicles are all decked out with emergency supplies and painted in the team colors. The competition is fierce, and this year, in Tait’s exciting mystery story, two competing family teams allow personal animosities that have grown into black hatred over the decades, to affect their choices. And someone pays the ultimate price.

Mama Rose, our clever sixty-something sleuth, who is also a part time veterinarian helper, is invited to be an official in the race. But this year, besides her official duties she soon finds herself investigating the death of a driver. She discovers it was no accident, and she has to force her way through a maze of lies, cover-ups, angry threats, and hard evidence before discovering the tragic truth. But will justice rule?

Readers will probably guess who the victim will be, but I guarantee, they will not guess who is responsible. Or what happens then.  The book is well written and very satisfying. If you love Africa as I do, you will revel in the descriptions of Kenya, its varied peoples and traditions, and its animals. And Tait cleverly sets us up for the next book in the series; Jackal and Hide.  I can’t wait.


A novella (used as a promotional) and other books by Victoria Tait.

And coming next after Rhino Charge!




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