REVIEW: The Law of Innocence, a Lincoln Lawyer Novel

by Michael Connelly

I just finished this audio book by Michael Connelly, and I really liked it. It’s the 7th Mickey Haller (Lincoln Lawyer) book, but there were cameo parts by retired LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. It was a page turner (listened almost continuously), like all Connelly’s other books, and there were some fantastic courtroom scenes and tactics that kept my mind working. What would I have thought had I been a juror on that trial?

In this book Haller is accused of Murder and sent to prison (no bail) while he tries to get together his own defense. It’s touch and go, and the prosecutors keep “finding” new evidence that causes him problems. He “finds” some evidence of his own, but is not allowed to use it. The ending/outcome is a surprise, for sure.

Another little thing I liked – that a lot of writers today are hesitant to do – is that he phased in mention of the current Pandemic, very gradually, but, as we all faced it in the beginning of 2020. It did not take me out of the story at all, but made it seem even more realistic. There are also (sigh) a few left-wing political opinions (very brief) that could have been left out, in my opinion, and which have caused some very bad reviews, which is a shame. But I’m basing my 5-STARS on the story, complicated as always, but so fun to read.

Narrator, Peter Giles, is excellent.





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