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Hi friend! I’m Kerryco-owner of Pacific Peach Designs and a born and raised California girl. I’ve been doodling on homework and sketching on sticky notes since before I could write. I took art classes until I was 17 years old, but when I went off to college, the school had no art program. After getting a degree in kinesiology (lol, what?), getting married, and moving to Georgia with my husband Robbie, I found a job that started to scratch my artist itch- an art teacher at a private K-12 school.   That’s where I  met Jen!

Hey y’all! I’m Jen, a Southern girl from North Georgia, and co-owner of Pacific Peach Designs. I have always loved working with kids and helping people, so when deciding on a college major, nursing seemed to be the clear answer. One semester slapped that dream right out of me, and I ran to the teaching program where I found my people. After getting married to my high school sweetheart, Austin, I landed my dream job as an elementary teacher at a private K-12 school where I met Kerry!

We quit one year apart from each other to help our husbands in their careers as well as start families of our own. We both still had a desire to do more with our time, and I (Kerry) was currently struggling through managing my own Etsy shop, so I went to Austin and Jen for help. Austin’s idea? Bringing Jen on as my business partner to manage everything while I focus on designs and together, build a business – UM YES!!!

We have since rebranded Pacific Peach Designs from a haphazard Etsy shop to a hand-drawn line of stationery that celebrates YOU. We create what you need to stay connected with those you love, near and far, simply by sending a handwritten note.

Join us in celebrating all of life’s defining moments!

Kerry & Jen 


The perfect place to order Gentle and Sweet cards for all occasions, drawn by Kerry, complete with craft envelopes and seal.

Special Occasion Card Variety Pack of 15

As well as Monogrammed Cards to personalize your everyday writing, or as excellent gifts

Monogram Cards

Visit – PacificPeach Designs

Free U.S. shippping Always 






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