Review: Solid Ground, an Adairsville Heritage Mystery

by Danny and Wanda Pelfrey.

I really enjoyed SOLID GROUND.  It’s a mystery, well, actually the book is full of mysteries great and small, old and fresh. It begins with a murder witnessed by two young boys, then midnight lights in the trees beyond the graveyard. The way the authors weave the threads of these and other mysteries together, then pull out one thread at a time, is intriguing. And satisfying.

And in the process, I grew to love the characters. There is Carol and Amos, an elderly couple trying to manage the estate of the recent wealthy murder victim. He was a kind, quiet man, but a stellar owner of many businesses. His holdings make his niece and nephew who come to Adairsville, Georgia to settle his estate, very wealthy indeed.

Riley plans to go to college in a few weeks to pursue a law degree, while her brother, Kirby, a detective in a Florida Police Department, is a bit lost after a bitter betrayal. They are good for each other, and I like how they grew closer.

Wealth breeds greed, not for Riley and Kirby, but for several in the town who want a piece of the money pie, including a man who appears, claiming to be the long-lost son of their Uncle James.

After a series of thefts, vandalism, near-miss gun shots, and a kidnapping, the siblings, with the help of Amos and Carol, some new friends, and the Police Chief, manage to solve the whole bunch of mysteries almost all at once. I like how everything fell into place at the end.

The Pelfrey’s include a bit a sweet romance and there is an underlying feeling that God is in control of all their lives. The “Solid Ground” of the title is where a few of the characters realize that they are finally on the right track with the Lord. The gorgeous stained-glass window pictured on the cover plays a part in the story as well.





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