REVIEW: Alexander Hamilton, The Making of America

by Teri Kanefield

       An excellent reading by Pete Cross of this audio book!  He could not have been better.
       I enjoyed this brief history of Alexander Hamilton and all he did to help form The United States. An immigrant from St Croix, he quickly enrolled in college to get a law degree, and ended up teaching himself in record time. He served as Aide de Camp to General George Washington, and although he longed to become a hero in battle, Washington needed him more as a persuasive writer and spokesperson.
       He was a visionary and a financial whiz. He had a lot of opposition (Governor Clinton of New York, Thomas Jefferson, writer and plantation owner, and Aaron Burr, with whom he had a pistol duel and died). All were against his Federalist leaning. His vision for American exceeded those early years to a future as a super Industrialist nation. He was chosen by President Washington as the first Secretary of the newly created US Department of Treasury. He established paper money (His signature is on all Americal currancy.) and the first Federal Bank. He also established the Coast Guard to prevent the smuggling of whiskey that saved buyers from paying tarifs.. He also wanted to establish a network of roads between the states.
       I believe this book is one that should be read in schools today! Ir is easily good for Junior High School and up. Thank you Teri Kanefield for this interesting  educational, and inspiring book.

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