REVIEW: Dead Sea Rising, Book 1 of the Dead Sea Chronicles (audio)

Written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Narrated by David Cochran Heath


This is a triple timeline story, ranging from the Biblical time of Ur just before Abraham, and modern day Manhattan, with a few chapters in the final days of Vietnam.  It switches back and forth between the three very quickly, possibly to keep it “fast paced” but I thought the abrupt changes made the story feel chopped. The actual storyline is really quite short, covering just a few days in each timeline. The ancient Ur portion was the most interesting and imgaginative. The modern day story was all fluff, I thought, with only hints of archeology and a proposed “dig” which would have connected the storylines better. Also, the book ended very abruptly as well, leaving me unsatisfied.  I realized later that Jenkins is planning this to be the first book in a multi-volume series, so that explains it somewhat. But.. you really need to catch the readers total interest in volume one, if you want them to follow the rest.  FOUR STARS  —–  I thought the narrator, on the other hand, was excellent and would deserve the full FIVE STARS.





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