REVIEW: In Praise of Walking, a New Scientific Exploration

52.In Praize of WalkingThis audiobook, In Praise of Walking by Shane O’Mara, was not what I expected. It was more technical and scientific than entertaining, but I learned a lot about the good walking does for our bodies and minds.

Some of the experiments done in all areas of life was particularly eye-opening. One experiment had a person walk 1,000 kilometers in the same way as a wandering tribal man, to see all the bodily benefits it manifested. Another was having people lie immobile between two waterbed mats to see how detrimental to health and muscles this would be in just three days. Wow! Another compared navigational shills when walking between sighted people, newly blind people, and those blind from birth.

It also looked at the amazing human “GPS” in both familiar and new places/situations. And several other thngs in the human brain that lets us walk, see & evaluate, think creatively, and carry on a conversation while keeping in step (rhythm) with another person. (And tips about babies crawling verses being in a walker. Which would YOU think learned to walk upright faster, and why?

NOTE: the author is definitely an evolutionist (where I am not), as in the many studies quoted about early human life (millions of years ago.)

Anyway, this might not be your “cup of tea,” but if you like to occasionally read to learn stuff, you might enjoy this book.




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