A Bad Apple

 by Alice Zogg.

The pandemic changed everything. Catching a killer will require new methods after Cecile Long-Horton is found strangled in her doorway and Lt. Claudia Campbell with the Monrovia City Police has to use modern technology to discover the murderer.

Cecile was CEO of a small company. Her two sons and daughter worked for her. Right before she was killed she mentioned at a board meeting that there was a bad apple in their midst. Unfortunately, each of her children has a secret. So do a few others who were close to Cecile.

But which one has the most to gain? And can Lt. Campbell unmask the killer using a computer screen and her skill as a detective?

Alice Zogg was born and raised in Switzerland. She met her husband, a fellow Swiss, in New York City, and the two made their home in the United States. The family relocated to Southern California in 1967, where they have resided since. She is an avid traveler and plays racquetball and golf.

Zogg is the author of the R. A. Huber Mystery Series.

Like her, R. A. Huber was born in Switzerland and came to the United States as a young woman, and then made her home there. Longing for excitement after she retires, Huber decides to start a second career and opens her own business as a private investigator. Soon the gutsy private eye’s cases take her on journeys from Pasadena to the Catalina Island, up to Lake Tahoe, the Central Mexico region, all the way to Davos, Switzerland, then back to the Big Bear Lake area, the balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and to a location near Solvang, California.

Zogg also wrote several stand-alone mysteries. A BAD APPLE is available in hardcover and paperback on Amazon. Ebook is coming soon.

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