Writing Short Stuff

Here’s a blog post on writing SHORT STORIES, particularily 100-word Short Stories.


I give 10 tips from writer Ran Walker on WHY these shorties are so good to write. As well as tips from Maggie King and Jo Nesbo on writing Short Stories in general. I give links to two books, one an anthology of mysteries with a Cupcake theme, and the other with 100 100-word stories for you to read and learn from.

I also actually write a 100-word story in the post – real time, showing you how I edit, cut, and refocus. Check out my micro story, and then try one of your own.  I’d love to see yours!


*** If you share a 100-word short story that you wrote, in a comment (either on Here’s How It Happened, or on The Writers In Residence blog), I will feature it on this blog in a seperate page, along with any links you’d like to share on other writing you’ve done. Give it a try!

(Please keep it clean.)

The Writers in Residence

by Jackie Houchin

How short can you write a story?  If you are doing NaNoWriMo this month, your goal is 50,000 words, about a 175-page book.  How about only 10,000 words, or 5,000? 2,000?

In Writer’s Digest, the September/October issue, author Ran Walker wrote a very interesting article titled “10 Reasons to Write a 100-Word Story.”  Say, what? 100 words? Yes! In his article he describes the benefits of writing “the smallest stories.” I hope to borrow from his wonderful piece, and write a story…right here…right now…in only 100 words (including the title)!

Here, briefly, are the reasons Ran Walker gives for trying your hand at a 100-word story.

  1. “The initial drafts of your stories don’t take nearly as long to write.”

Okay, here goes:  It was a dark and stormy night… No, no, no! 

Okay, again:  Last night Wesley dreamed he saw a floating lantern coming towards…

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